Chesterfield Canal (Hollingwood / Brimington)

A walk on a summers day with my camera along the Chesterfield Canal between Brimington and Hollingwood Hub. The Hollingwood Hub is on the site of the old railway station build in 1892 and which closed in 1963 under the Beeching cuts. The station crossed the canal above the lock and headed towards Staveley and Chesterfield.

Hollingwood Hub (Chesterfield Canal)

Photo’s were taken of the remains of the station which has now been over grown by nature. One side of the banking has been lowered and levelled to provide parking space to the Hollingwood Hub.

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Los Angeles 2019 Video

Finally got around to editing together a video of my Los Angeles, Santa Monica trip in May. Video was recorded on an iPhone 8 in 4K and still shots taken on my new Canon G7X Mk II camera.

Los Angeles from Griffiths Observatory. (14th May 2019)

Locations include Santa Monica Pier, La Cienega / Jefferson Blvd, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Vermont, Griffith Observatory, Venice Beach and Malibu.

The video is on YouTube and can be found here. It was recorded in 4K and should be viewable on YouTube at this if your device can playback.

Los Angeles 2019 Video YouTube

As before I am not a professional video editor or recorder, the video was edited using iMove on my MacBook Air.

Downtown LA from La Cienega & Jefferson Blvd. (12th May 2019)

I have not included the California Science Centre in this video as that is covered in the Space Shuttle video and in the Gallery.

This trip was more enjoyable than the first time I was in LA as I was now used to being in LA, knew the area a little better and was in a more tourist friendly area for restaurants, shops etc than the area of Hollywood I was before.

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