Countdown to Santa Monica

The countdown is underway! 64 days until I set off again to LA only this time I’ll be staying in Santa Monica. Having visited the Hollywood area in November I’ll be staying closer to the beach and sea front on this trip, around 500m from the beach.

Santa Monica Pier taken from Palisades Park 9th November 2018

Initially it was between returning to LA or visiting New York instead. As there were a few things I didn’t get to see or do last time I opted to return to LA and possibly visit New York at a later date. There are so many places in the United States that I would love to visit.

Tickets to fly…

All the hotels are booked, flights and train tickets arranged. The plan is same as my previous visit in that I will travel down to London the night before and stay overnight in a hotel near Heathrow. The following day head over to Terminal 5 and get the flight to Los Angeles.

I’m looking forward to returning to LA and exploring the city further.